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Frequently Asked Questions

Q My accountant wants me to provide copies of my reports. Is there a way to send them electronically?

A Reports can create a PDF file you can eMail to your accountant. The feature is built-in with Windows 10. When the report is on the screen press the letter "P" on the keyboard to display the printers dialog box. Choose the printer named "Microsoft Print to PDF".

If your Windows is older, on the Internet link to "" you must download these 2 files: "pdf995 printer driver" and "pdf995 converter". Install these 2 files on your computer. Then follow the procedure above except the printer name will be "PDF995".

Q I am using the new version of Windows; Windows 8 or Windows 10. Sometimes when I go to a different screen it only shows part of it. Like when I go to Monthly Transactions, only part of the top and left side of the screen display, how can I fix this?

A This random occurrence has been addressed with Version 6C (for Farm Biz) and Version 7E (for Ultra Farm). There is a Redo Icon at the Top Left of each Screen, so if this does occur you can click on the Redo Icon to reload the current screen. You can also press the F11 Function Key to redraw the screen. To get around the problem until your new Version 6C or 7E Upgrade arrives; press the ESC Key and select the screen again.

Q My new computer has a high screen resolution and the Farm Biz Menus are only using the upper left part of the screen. How can I fix this?

A Dynamic screen resize was added to Farm Biz in version 5A. Your screens will automatically be full size with all versions after that. You can order the latest update. To review additional program improvements click here.

Q I have a Farm Checkbook and a personal checking account. Can I still use Farm Biz?

A Setup each checking account as a separate farm (separate set of records). At the end of each month select and print any farm items purchased from the personal checking account. Use items 300-499 for income and 650-800 for expense. Enter these transactions into the farm checkbook. To keep the checkbook in balance make an off setting entry for the totals by using either 519 or 819 (transfer to checking).

Q Can I keep more than one farm set of records with your program?

A You can have multiple farms and multiple years. It only takes two or three clicks to change from one farm to another. We have several customers using Farm Biz and Ultra Farm that provide bookkeeping and accounting services for other farmers and ranchers.

The same is true for the“My Field” program. Farm Management instructors review several of their clients Crop, Field, Chemical, Seed and Fertilizer records. So they use their copy to keep multiple farms and years on their machines.

The latest versions of Ultra Farm and Farm Biz have Color, so you can keep each set of Farm Records a different Color. Some customers say this makes it easier to see that you are in the right set of Farm Records.

Q My custom work doesn't show up on Schedule F.

A Enterprise Codes 9001 (Custom Work) through 9105 (Rental Property) are printed separately for reporting on Tax Schedules C & E.

To keep Custom Work on Schedule F do not use enterprise codes 9001-9004.

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